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How can my husband gain healthy weight at home?

My husband is 23, 6 foot and around 10 stone. He would like to put on weight for his self confidence but he hasn't got time to go to the gym because he works long hours and we have a 10 month old boy. Our house isn't big enough for gym equipment but are there ways for him to put on weight aside from eating lots of crap? Would lifting small weights (dumbbells) at home plus using weight gain shakes work? If so what would be the best way? Thank you. How can my husband gain healthy weight at home?
Healthy fats include omega-3 essential fatty acids sources like tuna, salmon, flax, and walnuts. Good sources of protein include lean meats, fish, poultry, nuts, seeds and legumes. Healthy carbohydrate sources include fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

It may be easier to eat five or six smaller balanced meals per day rather than eating three large meals, especially if you are not used to eating much at one sitting.

Protein powders and nutritional supplement drinks such as Ensure (buy direct) can be added as in-between meal snacks if you still need more calories. Some protein powders are flavored and only need added water and some others can be blended with your choice of juice or milk to improve the taste.

It would also be a healthy idea to add a small amount of flax seed oil and some psyllium powder to add some omega-3 essential fatty acids and extra fiber. How can my husband gain healthy weight at home?
He needs to be lifting moderate to heavy weights and doing repetitions to the failure point.

Do not let him eat ';crap foods';. High protein, high fiber low starch vegetables are key,

Simple training: push ups, sit ups, abdominal crunches, and stretching are all great ways to get in shape and add muscularity. You do no need a gym or fancy home equipment.

The best part about a simple regiment like this is that he can exercise at home, on his own schedule and take care of the baby.
Yes, lifting small weights would definitely work,because building some muscles is one way to lose weight. But just doing that doesn't. What he needs to do is eat balanced food, NO junks,craps, snacks etc. Eat balanced amount of meat, veges/fruit, carbo, etc. No need to eat a lot at night, but eat WELL at morning.A piece of bread with jam, milk, some slices/etc of veges, and a little bit of a fruit would work in breakfast.. Lunch, maybe a medium sized nutritious pasta with water, then dinner, make it less than the lunch or breakfast. No need for snacks.
Yes, it sounds like he need more muscle definition. rowing is a good sport for building upper arms and thigh muscles. Although he may not have the time with a ten month old. Could he carry the boy all the time and build up his muscles this way??
chicken pasta potatoes, you can also get build up shakes to, i,m also having this problem with my husband, but he just doesn't eat
Yes I think that would work too.

Squats and deadlifts would be good too. He should eat a good amount of protein (: Then the shakes come handy.

Good luck.
yes and also extra protein...more meat like chicken and get him some special shakes from the health food shop.

How to inspire husband to care more about his health and appearance?

I admit I am a bit of a health freak. But my husband is totally the opposite. He eats greasy, unhealthy food. He doesn't practice the greatest hygein either. I am worried about his health. I have convinced him to run with me at least once a week-which is a start. Any other idea on how to help him be more healthy? I couldn't stand the thought of something happening to him.How to inspire husband to care more about his health and appearance?
have a one on one conservation and tell him your fears. you could also try influencing him with sex or something.How to inspire husband to care more about his health and appearance?
When you're watching TV together, make complimentary comments about well-built guys, even going so far as to say you find them sexy and they turn you on. Take it one step further if you want and act like you are sexually interested in a well-built man in real life. He will get jealous and possessive and that might motivate him.

How can my husband and I meet Jimmie Johnson?

I'm planning on getting my husband and I Nascar tickets to the race in Chicago in July for his birthday. I also would like to surprise him by getting on the track, and meeting his favorite driver Jimmie Johnson. How can I make this possible? Please help me plan the greatest birthday ever for my Hubby!! Thanks!How can my husband and I meet Jimmie Johnson?
your best bet is when you purchase your ticket package you also get pit passes . you never know you could meet him if he is out walking around.. it is unfortunate that when buy tickets you also have to purchase them for the Nationwide race and the truck and indy race in july.... has my tickets for the raceHow can my husband and I meet Jimmie Johnson?
Make sure you have pit passes for qualifying, its less crowded then. Also check his website to see where he might be doing appearances, out here in Calif, he is always at couples Lowes close to the race track.

Go Dale Jr %26amp; Hms
You can try getting a Pit Pass, but mind you, it is not known when drivers are in the pits, therefore, an autograph is not guaranteed.
Check his website or other various websites to see if he is making any public appearances that week. Sometimes these guys have autograph sessions on a day leading up to the race.
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  • How can my Husband and I start a medical transcription business from home?

    My Husband and I want to start our own medical transcription business from home but we are not sure how to get started any help would be appreciated Thanx .How can my Husband and I start a medical transcription business from home?
    You should pursue formal training from an accredited school. If it's online or campus based is less relevant than if the school is accredited and recognized by the U.S. Dept of Education.

    There are a number of schools out there that are not BUT many are so do some research. Below is a good resource to search all accredited options.How can my Husband and I start a medical transcription business from home?
    Business means you want to work from home by transcribing lines or you want to take work from doctors/physicians and outsource, earn commission or you want to start training institute?

    It is better to do networking before going for any business in MT field through forums, blogs etc.
    Probably the most important aspect of running a medical transcription business at this point is compliance with privacy and security regulations, as the penalties can be substantial for violations. Otherwise, it isn't significantly different from running any other kind of business and you can get free advice from the SBA and SCORE. You should also determine whether there's a market for your services and how much you can charge. I have linked to a large online community of medical transcriptionists that includes experienced transcription service owners.
    ';How to Get Started in Medical Transcription'; is a 6-part article detailing what it takes to start a medical transcription service, as well as the pros and cons of the industry. A link has been provided. Not affiliated with any school or product, just good free info.

    How come my husband sweats so much during the night?

    It has nothing to do with us having sex. Every morning when my husband wakes up he is drentched in sweat. The sheets are noticably wet. It's not hot in the room at all.

    He is a 28 year old healthy male. Non-smoker and very atheletic.How come my husband sweats so much during the night?
    Normal. Different individuals often have much varying comfort levels, as far has temperature and such goes. You might be comfortably warm, he might be soaking at that temp. You'll have to figure out a compromise where you're both comfortable.

    (I like to sleep in the cold, if at all possible with an open window nearby; the wife likes it balmy but not yeah, compromising it is)How come my husband sweats so much during the night?
    I agree with erin, yr husband has severe internal symptoms is.This may due to high metabolic rate and cause sweating. Some factors such as the room condition of yr room and also may due to the material of the bedding and his pajamas. I hv experienced that before my bed sheet kinda rough and i feel uncomfortable as the next day i saw my neck was full of sweat. Bt sweat is good as to cool off yr body and increase the rate of evaporation. Bt excessive sweat then......
    metabolism, means his internal rate of burning energy is high,

    could be from:

    * toxins in the environment where he works/lives

    * ginseng

    * coffee/tea

    * CO-Q10

    * vitamin C

    * excessive exercise (creates more oxidation in body)

    * hot peppers/hot spices


    * cut down on the vitamins

    * drink more water

    * no caffeine
    Will he sweat even if he has a light sheet over him? Has he had any other symptoms like weight loss, fever, itchiness, or fatigue? He might want to go see his doctor. Sometimes these kinds of things are normal, but sometimes they can be the symptoms of other diseases, e.g. lymphoma.
    Just make sure you prepare enough water in order to prevent dehydration.

    Sweating is healthy sign, but over-sweating really marks as a bad sign.
    Consider having him tested for Valley Fever.
    Stress can cause this as well as a hormonal buildup in his body.
    He could be having bad dreams.
    Have him see a doctor.

    How to motivate husband and get him to understand ovulation = pregnancy ?

    My husband and I are trying for our first child, he suggested we start trying. I am 31 he is 37. We have been trying for about three months and it seems like he just doesn't get that we need to have more sex when I am ovulating to get pregnant. He's like, it will happen when it happens we don't need to plan anything. I am not planning it I am just realistic and know that is the only time during the month I can get pregnant and want to up our chances so we don't go month after month missing my fertile days. I am just frustrated he is sooo laid back and I want this so much. How do I get him to understand my urgency and that I can only get pregnant if we have sex when I am ovulating. He seems to know this but doesn't really get the reality that if we miss those days we've got to wait another whole month to try again.How to motivate husband and get him to understand ovulation = pregnancy ?
    Oh boy. Okay. I would say he really just doesn't get it or he's not as ready to do this as he thinks.

    I do know this, when a man really wants something... whether it's a female, a promotion, or a new car he's relentless about it. Sometimes when I poop out over this whole TTC thing my husband is like ';C'mon!! Do you want to get pregnant or not!!'; LOL. He reads all the OPK test results, the pregnancy test results and goes insane during the two week wait right along with me. I've seen men on this message board write in with questions about their wife/girlfriend's cycle or fertility. I think it's awesome.

    Your hubby needs to get on board with it or be more honest about how he's feeling. Yes sex should be a for fun and a special time between you two....but here's the cold hard facts...there's only one window a month where you can get pregnant. If you don't have sex at that time, it won't happen.

    You can do it all behind the scenes (use ovulation predictor kits and seduce him when you know you are fertile) or he can be your teammate and participate. Giving him the benefit of the doubt that maybe he just is clueless, find a good article or two on the Internet about ovulation and fertility and read them together. Nothing too long or complicated, after all he's a man and you'll lose his attention after a paragraph or two!

    Good luck.


    Found this article, try having hubby read it.鈥?/a>How to motivate husband and get him to understand ovulation = pregnancy ?
    My husband is the same way, you may have to take charge here....

    My advice is to entice and excite him by being spontaneous. Planned sex is not fun but if you spice it up a bit, it will not feel planned and you will enjoy it much more too! Get yourself something nice from Vicki's Secret, find a kinky game, get some candles, take some pictures, learn how to pole dance, etc. Of course, you will have to find something that suits you and your husband's taste - there is something out there for everyone. Seriously, it will help!!
    Ovulation isnt the only time to get pregnant. You just have a better chance around ovulation and you should just let it happen because thats usually when you get pregnant when you least expect it.
    Seriously? Try and time having sex for every third day, then make overtures every other day as your ovulation nears. He still has fun, and you get to seriously try at the middlemark.
    ok tell him if we miss those days we wont have a child we will have to wait a month dont you want a child heres the deal if i was you id get an ovulation test and show him the results and say these are the days we need to have sex for a baby!
    He just doesn't get the biological clock urgency thing.

    No man is likely to turn down a little ';handi-work';. Once you get him well excited, pounce on him ;P
    my young lady please understand, you are stressing to much, it may be you and not him,

    forget you time of the month , enjoy him .

    he maybe subconously he do not want the responiblity of a child, and you keeping track of it may scare him even more,

    just relax,

    don't remind him of your days and you forget it to,

    you are trying to hard.

    or maybe you both need to go have some test run,
    Don't get him to have sex because you want to have a baby- seduce him into having sex on your fertile days, just for sex. Men tend to get frustrated because we are obsessive about having sex during ovulation, and we give off the vibe that it is a chore.
    Is it possible he -thinks- he's ready, but in reality, isn't quite yet, and that's why he insists on missing your fertile days every month? At his age, the concept is pretty easy to understand- I think it's not a lack of knowledge, but a lack of real commitment to it (for now) on his part, keeping this from happening (sorry).
    if he doesn't get it then the don't bother trying to explain it to him. some men don't want to be bothered with those details. instead continue to monitor ovulation and without even mentioning it initiate sex during that time.

    How to surprise my husband a camping trip?

    I want to surprise my husband with a camping trip for our 1 year anniversary. We both LOVE to camp and this seems like the perfect time. I just don't know how to pull this one off with out him knowing what going on. I want to take him to the Texas coast but he will know where were going when he see's the highway.... Or maybe I should just tell him??? Who knows??? Any ideas?How to surprise my husband a camping trip?
    You`ll probably have to tell him you`re going camping, he`ll see all the gear and food in the car anyway. But that doesnt mean he has to know where exactly you are going...How to surprise my husband a camping trip?
    Enlist the help of a friend or family member to secretly drive your gear to the major city closest to your destination. Then buy plane tickets to that city and convince your husband that you'll be sight seeing in the city for your anniversary. Be sure to gather lots of information about the local attractions and plan out your itinerary with enthusiasm.

    When you arrive at the destination airport have your friend waiting with the limo drivers and holding a sign with your name on it. Then you can tell your husband what you are really doing and put your friend on a plane home while you head to the camp spot.

    By using economical flights you can do this for $300 or less. It is something that you'll always remember!
    What a lovely idea. I can't think of any ways that you can do this without him knowing. Because you will have to pack camping stuff in the car. Good luck with it all and have fun.